Residence La Bellotta is a welcoming oasis of tranquillity, with an elegant style and warm atmosphere.


The apartments have been arranged to provide guests complete autonomy, allowing them to plan their stay in the manner and time frame best suited to their needs.  


All the apartments have their own private entrance, and though they vary in size they all consist of:

  • BATHROOM (shower).


Apartment ERBALUCE

Fragrant and bright

"The ripe grapes are an amber yellow colour and rose-coloured on the parts exposed to the sun, which seem almost "roasted".   


Apartment BAROLO

Romantic and lively.

"Tart, rough and full-bodied in the initial months of its life, it mellows beautifully with the passage of time."  


Apartment DOLCETTO

Dry and sensitive

"This vine, which is highly sensitive to the different geological compositions of the soil, absorbs its personality, one might say, taking on nuances of flavour according to the place of production, described as "baroleggia" (resembling Barolo)."



Delicate and unusual

"It is a grape that forms in large bunches; the grapes have a characteristic uneven colouring. The vine is delicate, requiring a favourable climate and good exposure, hence its limited distribution."


Apartment FREISA

Impulsive and playful

"If it has a fault it is that it is too widespread. Its vine defies the cold in the worst crops, is resistant against disease and thrives in any soil."



Genuine and honest

"Used for parties, but also for good luck, when celebrating a name-day or a wedding; somebody goes down to the "crutin", the most secret part of the wine cellar and picks up a bottle that is the same age as the guest of honour."




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